Eco-friendly, natural, chemical free and so on, is quite common and certainly nothing extraordinary. Just being bio product which is something applied on the body or hair is not enough! 

Our ingredients at Vikarah are ALIVE, containing the most transformative healing qualities. Ingredients are organically grown and picked in the right season for maximum potency and effectiveness in skin, body and hair care. 

We follow a whole process that has been treated as a ritual which brings deeper meaning to the user and balances their inner energy. Hence we term “Ingredients with soul”.

We carefully choose our ingredients which are in synergy to Ayurvedic Philosophy, sourced from responsible farmers and artisans who use skills in agriculture handed down through their generations.

Unknown Facts – It takes 28 days to make herbal oils so that they are potent and effective.
Base Ingredients (Cold pressed Oils, Raw & Unrefined Butters)
Special Ingredients (Herbs, Flowers, Extracts, Hydrosols)
Skin Transforming Earthy Additives (Clays, Powders)
Natural Essential Oils
Banished Ingredients( What We Do Not Use)