Meet the Maker - Hema Shankar; Biotechnologist, Ayurvedic Cosmetologist & Founder

I'm asked often, how I came to be an Ayurvedic Cosmetologist & Formulator; The answer is deeply personal for me.

The Journey of Vikarah began from the personal zeal for ancient traditions and wisdom of Ayurveda back in 2011. As I discovered this vast treasure trove of ancient knowledge, I understood that Ayurveda has plentiful solutions which are not easily accessible to everyone. It requires Sanyoga (link mechanism) to mix ingredients in a formula to ensure synergy and a bountiful dose of patience to prepare the concoctions in-line to the process.

I believe that – Beauty is distinctive, and honouring your beauty means simple acts of reverent self-care with pure & natural ingredients. I began embracing the philosophy of Ayurveda for skin and hair care. I started my daily beauty routines not as tasks but a celebration of natural radiance with deep personal meaning. 

I educated myself, not only on skin and hair care rituals, but also about a righteous diet and lifestyle philosophy. After profound enlightenment from Acharya (Teacher) & years of tailoring individual formulas to meet the heightened needs of my bespoke clients, Vikarah Holistic Beauty Rituals was born through a voyage of rare Craftsmanship pooled with pure ingredients and divine tradition to unveil a new standard of Beauty! 

My mission is to create connection to the Timeless System of Beauty Rituals, as you befall in the precious romance of Self-care. The moment is sacred, and it’s yours.