Meet the Maker - Hema Bala Shankar; Biotechnologist, Cosmetic Chemist, Aesthetician & Founder

I'm asked often, how I came to be an Ayurvedic Cosmetic Chemist. The answer is deeply personal for me.

I'm asked often, how I came to be an Ayurvedic Cosmetic Chemist. The answer is deeply personal for me.

The Journey of Vikarah began from the personal zeal for ancient traditions and wisdom of Ayurveda back during my teenage, inspired by my grandmother who was an Ayurvedic Practitioner herself. As I discovered this vast treasure trove of ancient knowledge, I understood that Ayurveda has plentiful solutions that are not easily accessible to everyone. It requires Sanyoga (link mechanism) to mix ingredients in a formula to ensure synergy and a bountiful dose of patience to prepare the concoctions in-line to the process.

I began embracing the philosophy of Ayurveda in my daily routines. I'm a person who firmly believes that Ayurveda is the only science that doesn't need a laboratory to prove its principles, every time a principle is chosen, Ayurveda proves itself! Beauty is distinctive, and honoring your beauty means simple acts of reverent self-care with pure & natural ingredients.

I educated myself, not only on skin and hair care rituals but also about a righteous diet and lifestyle philosophy. After profound enlightenment from Acharya (Teacher) in 2011, I had the honor of treating hundreds of fabulous faces across all ages and skin types through years. I was moved by the meaningful self-care rituals that supported the complexions they craved. Encouraged, enlivened & aspired, I set off to develop an Ayurveda based skincare & haircare brand that would transform a mundane routine into a treasured ritual.

Vikarah Holistic Beauty Rituals is a synergistic blend of pure oils & wild-harvested herbs, savoring your senses with natural fragrances, soft colors, silken textures & effervescent bubbles of botanical magic to unveil a new standard of Beauty! My mission is to create a magical self-care regimen, reconnecting people to the ancient holistic traditions and beauty rituals.