We embrace an authentic proven Indian philosophy from Ayurvedic texts for our beauty rituals. Basic skincare and hair care is an essential first step before any makeover. It’s time for you to embrace an exquisite experience– A journey towards true beauty.

Our skin care products are carefully handcrafted to surpass the modern time choices and give a perpetual holistic beauty ritual in exchange for just 15 minutes of your time. 

•    Cleanse – Our Non-foaming Cleansing Cream range and Traditional Handcrafted Soaps effectively removes dead skin, dirt and debris to enhance the generation of new skin cells.

   Tone – Our Potent Toner range provides antioxidants to repair, refresh and prepare your skin for moisturization to work its best.

   Moisturize – Our Pure Hydrating Moisturizer range reaches deeper layers of your skin, boosts elasticity and reveals your fresh skin.

•    Protect – The final & most vital step in every skincare routine is applying mineral-rich, clay-based translucent powder. Our Translucent and Talc-free Face & Body Powder is naturally absorbent, extremely gentle & safe for everyday use. 

Vikarah imbibes the science of oiling ‘Shiroabhyanga’ to transform your hair care routine into a soulful ritual. 

Our hair care products are based on proprietary formulas of pure herbs, fragrant flowers, grains, nuts and cold-pressed oils which were traditionally used for hair care. The secret ritual behind the flowing black manes of our grandmothers is now bottled up for you!

•    Head Massage – Our Kesah Thailam range promotes calmness, overall wellness and gorgeous hair.

   Cleanse – Our Ausadhiya Kesah Marjana (Medicinal hair Cleanser) effectively removes dirt, dandruff and chemical build-up from your hair to enhance growth and elasticity.

   Condition – Our Hair Potion range provides subtle shine and revives your dread-looking hair.

•   Treat (Every fortnight) – Our Ayurvedic Hair Strengthening Mask rejuvenates your hair and scalp from the inside out accelerating luxuriant growth of hair, detoxifying your scalp, preventing hair loss, dandruff and preventing premature greying of hair.