Vikarah is an Ayurveda-based, profoundly traditional, holistic & mindful beauty brand; precisely formulated to address the individual Dosha specific needs. The healing properties of the ALIVE botanicals in our products are magnified by the continuous chanting of ancient Mantras during the entire making-process, that evokes a complete sensorial experience. 
Time – is a crucial ingredient that goes into all our formulations, provoking life into Vikarah; for impactful, visible and tangible results in your daily skin and hair care ritual. Our products savour your senses with natural fragrances, soft colours, silken textures & effervescent bubbles of botanical magic to unveil a new standard of Beauty! 

Our Mission: Beauty is distinctive, and honouring one's beauty means simple acts of reverent self-care with pure & natural ingredients. Our mission is to transform your mundane routine into a treasured ritual by our Ayurveda-based holistic beauty ritual brand. Our products are hand-blended, hand-measured, hand-filled in the containers and hand-packed in our cottage. We do not craft our products in an easy way, but in a painstaking, traditional way; a committed choice we chose to make everlastingly.

Our Vision: Our vision is to create a magical self-care regimen, reconnecting people to the ancient holistic traditions and beauty rituals. Every ingredient used in our products is disclosed because we believe in total transparency and responsibility, inspiring people to crave a devoted beauty ritual, every day. Knowledge is power, and we want to empower our customers to make the right product choices eternally.