Vikarah means 'Sixteen Transformations' which is the interconnection of the following;

⚛️ Five basic elements (Panchamahabhutas or Tatvas) – Agni (fire), Prithvi (earth), Jal (water), Vayu (air) & Akasha (space)

⚛️ Five working senses (Jnanendriyas) of our body – Tongue (jivha) for Taste, Nose (grahnu) for Smell, Eyes (chakshu) for Sight, Ears (shotra) for Sound & Skin (tvak) for Touch

⚛️ Five knowledge-acquiring senses (Karmendriyas) of our body – Mouth (vak) to speak, Hands (pani) to grasp and hold, Feet (pada) to move, Rectum (payu) to eliminate, Genitals (upastha) to procreate.

⚛️ Mind (Manas) – which is sensory & processing. Within all these, the one spiritual Soul (Aatma) exists as the observer.

The great Acharyas have concluded that every being in this universe is created from these Sixteen Transformative Elements. At Vikarah, our products completely embody this philosophy of transformation by following the ritualistic process as illustrated below. 

⚛️ Agni (Fire) symbolises Eyes which are responsible for our Sight (Roop)
We savour your Sight (Agni) with soft colours & fresh bubbles of botanical magic in our products & sustainable, colourful packaging.

⚛️ Prithvi (earth) symbolises Nose which is responsible for our Smell (Gandha)
We elate your Smell (Earth) with custom blends of pure essential oils and plant extracts which impart a unique fragrance to our products.

⚛️ Jal (water) symbolises the Tongue which is responsible for our Taste (Rasa)
We delight your Taste (Water) by maintaining our interconnection with nature as the basis of our products (pure water, edible herbs, flowers, seeds, vegetables, fruits, raw butter and cold-pressed oils) creating a robust balance between your overall well-being and personal care.

⚛️ Vayu (air) symbolises Skin which is responsible for our Touch (Sparsha)
We perceive your Touch (Air) with the silken textures of our products. The magic of your own touch magnifies the life force of our products, which gives lasting and generative results. 

⚛️ Akasha (space) symbolises the Ears which are responsible for our Sound (Shabda)
We contain your Sound (Space) at the core, by the vibrational and healing benefits of ancient Mantras while making our products; to help you feel rooted and restored.