At the heart of each formula, Vikarah judiciously combines time-honoured beautifying science of Ayurveda to evoke a sensorial experience.

We use formulations prescribed in the ancient text which is a mastery of herbal mixtures and synergies (Sanyoga). At Vikarah, we understand the interactions of the ingredients to heighten their efficiency which are;

• VayaSthapana(Anti-Aging)
• Varnya(Imparts youthful glow and lustre to the skin & hair)
• Sandhaniya(Protects from normal wear and tear)
• Shothahara(Anti-Inflammatory)
• Tvachya(Conductive to skin & hair health)

Our formulations are crafted with highly concentrated, pure and rare ingredients that give life to Vikarah; which produces impactful, visible and tangible results in your daily skin and hair care ritual.